AppSana Suite for Asana App Reviews

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Some small bugs, but nothing that can’t be overcome

While you will find a bug here and there in this tool I rather like it. One issue I found that holds me up a bit is the integration with Google Drive. It will connect to your account, however, when trying to attach files the window with the file list doesn’t open. Probably a Google API bug, but nothing they dev team can’t fix. For the most part, I must say I’m pretty happy with it, if they fix that issue I’l be rating it five stars.

does not work, and has not improved in months

This app is a joke, its functionalities are extremely poor, it routinely crashes, the team keeps promising an upgrade roadamap but the app has not meaningfully improved in months. Apple should do something.

Feeling scammed

Still does not work as of Oct 2017. Have never been able to log in after countless tries. This developer should be banned from the App Store.

I’d rate it 0 stars but you can't

I bought this app and immediately regretted it. DO NOT BUY. I emailed the company to get a refund and they did not respond. It’s junk. They are trying to recreate the entire Asana interface, but in a much worse and feature poor way. Wish I had read the reviews before buying.

App just keeps crashing on startup

I have a MacBook Pro 13 Inch and a Mac Mini at home. The App just keeps crashing as I start it up and is unuseable.

Waste of money!

I should have read the reviews BEFORE purchasing this App. Does not work, cannot edit, create, delete, update projects o workspaces. The sync is not good. I have to log to my asana profile through Safari to perform the updates and many of them just do not sync to this app. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!


What you see on those pictures, oh boy, nothing like that. User interface is terrible. Design is terrible. It is not Asana, it is an ugly app trying to sync some of the features of Asana. Don’t waster your money.

Literally the worst app I’ve paid money for.

DO NOT BUY THIS APP. As the other review’s say, it does not work seemlessly what so ever.

It simply does not work

Let me save you the trouble of purchasing this APP then having to fight with the developer to get your money back. (Which after three months, I’m still waiting for a refund). The App simply doesn’t work. You cannot add type, edit, check off projects, start a new project - basically nothing. It just spins and spins and spins and then occasionally just crashes. The menu bar is the only thing that functions - and not very well. And when it does decide to work for just a minute or two, the information is NOT updated in your Asana online. So it’s just a waste of time. I’ve contacted them over and over and over and they don’t get back to me for a refund. Very poor customer service.

Good, not great

This app has a lot of growing to do. But it’s super ambitious, and I’m excited to see what it becomes. It gets updated regularly and their development process is transparent (it’s on a Trello board). It needs a bit to finish cooking, but I’d imagine at that point, it will be my go-to.

Disapointed and Feel Scammed

I have been using Asana for work and personal for about a year on my iPhone and web version. I downloaded the mac app version about 6 months ago and really liked it. The acquistion flow for purchasing Asana Pro makes it seem like you now have to pay for the app to get the upgrades, but nothing is going to change. Just a few new feature add-ins. I currently have the old version and new version open at the same time and the new version has been “Syncing” for 30 minutes. My work account has over 100 teams and instead of only surfacing what is relevant to me, I see my entire organization’s teams and projects. I’m very confused as to what the new version is supposed to give you that the old version didn’t. I feel like the new version wasn’t user tested or researched at all. I feel scammed because I really enjoy Asana and had no problem paying the 10 dollars to continue service. It is a great app if you are on the old version. But, the flow for getting the new version was very unclear and I trusted that Asana had my best interest.

Complete garbage.

Their free version of the app feels more complete and premium than this. It is missing so many features, some cards will not load at all, the whole thing is slow, and it makes it impossible to focus on specific tasks/projects/departments. It instead gives me an overview, by default, of my entire organization’s Asana projects. I HATE IT!

Would of been useful

I was looking forward to this and hoping they may have changed something from the previous review. I was wrong. This is useless, you cant do anything on it. Dont waste money on this.

Really wanted this to work, but very disappointing

Misssing so many important features, and completely broken. Where is my inbox? Where are the notifications? This dumbs down asana to the point of being useless. Really disappointed to have spent $10 on this. Hopefully the developers fix this soon.

This app is garbage, don’t waste your money!!!

Bought this app yesterday and tried it on my laptop and this morning on my iMac at work. Yesterday when I installed it and went through the steps to connect it to my Asana account it said it was syncing for a couple of seconds and then a crash screen pops up. This morning on my iMac it doesn’t even look like it is trying to sync to anything it just sits there. Then when I click on “My Tasks” it crashes and that report a crash screen pops up. I have had really good luck with the regular version of this app and it has worked well for me with the occasional "disconnected from the server trying to reconnect” message. Other than that the regular version has been very good and looks, feels, and functions very similar to the browser version. I only bought this one thinking if that other version is good this must be better. Wow, was I wrong. This version stinks. I’m hoping they either get this thing fixed ASAP or refund my money. If any of you are thinking of buying this app DON’T DO IT!!!! Hold off and see if they get it fixed. This has been a colossal waste of money and my time trying to get a “PRO” version of an app working. Ironically this app is supposed to help me stay organized and get things done. All it has done so far is make me mad. If they get this app working properly I’ll gladly come back and update my review. As for now I’m very dissapointed in this app. I have contacted their support via the link provided and am awaiting a response. Hope they fix this! I rely very heavily on Asana for work and would love to have an app that does what this one says it will. 03/02/2017 UPDATE: Just got an update for this app through the App Store. Tried to open it after installin the update and it crashed immediately and still will not open up. I have sent numerous crash reports and have tried contacting their customer support. Have never heard back from them. Not impressed!


I have not been able to use this app once. There are constant authentication prompts and once it finally gets past the endless cycle of sign in/sign out, it crashes and makes you go right back into the endless authentication cycle. I still have not been able to view one task, but don’t worry, I can at least view the workspaces on the left hand side. Do yourself a favor and continue using the free version. It is WAY better!!!

Pretty, featureless, and non-functional

Unacceptable. I can forgive the constant authentication prompts and the myriad of missing/broken features but after the latest update it won’t even sync properly. I implore the developers to take some time and fix their application.

Terrible app do not purchase

I regret buying this, I can’t drag and drop my to-do’s and the UI is a step back from the free version. Don’t use.

total pos

First app didn’t open. a couple days later opens but makes you sign in every time you open it. doesn’t even have the features that the free version has. doesn’t show the full project list and workspace. really terrible app not worth a penny. why release such a pos?

Not as Functional as the FREE Version

This is hopeless, it isn’t even as functional as the free version, I’ll be asking for a refund. There are no Team views, no calendar views, its JUST tasks in a long alphabetical list, no colours no favourites….utterly not ready for release.

It is NOT ok to ignore customers!

Writing a complaint in a review is generally my last resort but the developers have given me no choice. Downloaded the app, crashes on startup. That’s fine, it’s an early version - I know what it’s like to be an app developer. Stuff happens. However, not having a proper channel of communication to your customers when you KNOW that your app is new, has teething pains…that IS a problem. Sent messages through the website multiple times with no response. Not that I care about 10 bucks but that’s considered a ‘medium’ or higher price point IMHO, and is more than deserving of proper support channels. I’ve essentially blown 10 bucks and gotten zilch in return. Awesome. NOT.

Please Improve

We need Asana integrations. It’s a great service with little in the way of apps like Appsana. The free version of Appsana is the best app out there. I would not have released this “Pro” version with the bugs - and definitely if it isn’t superior to the free version. There’s no dock icon. It crashes. There’s no “calendar” button. It looks like a dumbed down baby’s version of the free one with a cool font. C’mon now!

Non-functioning App - Just Crashes

So far this app is a waste of $10. It opens but as soon as you try to click any button it crashes. Being a huge fan of Asana - I’m highly dissapointed.

Pretty darn rough initial versions

*Update* 11/14/16 Some cosmetic changes that are nice and an expandable left side bar in this update. Other than that, all of my original complaints are still here in this version. The main omissions of poor comment section support and no ability to add attachments keep me going to the web version. That still makes this a fail for productivity. I’m keeping my eye out on this one though, hoping that the next update resolves these. Only keeping this at two stars since I have been told that the changes coming. Really wishing that I can use this soon. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Update* 11/09/16 I am updating from one to two stars due to the fast and friendly support with their assurance that things will be ironed out shortly. They have added a bit more detail of what you can currently expect to their app store description. I see they also lowered their 50% off sale to 50% lower than what I originally paid at 50% off. If the app becomes what I feel that it can be though, the cost would be worth it at that time. Right now, its a bit of a gamble. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am happy that this isn't just a web app, especially for the price. That’s about the only nice thing that I can say at this time. I have used this app for about an hour now and am extremely frustrated by the half-baked version that we have been given. It has great potential (and really no competition) but pretty much unusable at this time. Here are the items that I have found issues with so far: -no way to attach images/files -ridiculously small comment field (single line of about 40 characters) that does not expand to show what you are writing -only shows the latest comment for a task and of that only shows 60 carachters in like 12pt font -comment field does not contain a button for submitting your text -side panes are not expandable -sync with the service seems to be about 5 minutes or so from live -the help menu literally gives a message that says “Help isn’t available for SoTasks" I have never submitted for an app refund from Apple before but due to the price of this app and its poor start, if it isn’t straightened out soon, this will be the first.

Good Start

Right now the workspaces act as projects should act, everything seems muddled a bit. Also, subtasks arent showing up.

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